Calling all Earthlings – a simple way to wellbeing

The air was still, the sky a light blue, and the birds were singing the final bars of their dawn chorus.

Still in my pyjamas, I stepped out into the garden. The wet grass felt icy cold under my bare feet and I was aware of the sensation of sinking into the soft earth a little as I stood there. After just a few moments, the grass began to feel warm around my feet. I felt a serene calmness envelope me. I stood still for a moment longer.

When I stepped onto another patch of grass, I felt the same initial chill and then the arrival of warmth and comfort.

I made my way around the garden. Just a few steps. Just a few minutes. Connecting with the earth.

There’s a name for this: earthing.

There’s a science to earthing: electrons from the earth flow into the body and help neutralise excessive free radicals. (You can read some of the research here.)

People who regularly spend time barefoot outside (standing or walking on wet grass or sand are thought to be best for conducting the electrons) report better sleep, a stronger immune system, less inflammation and reduced pain.

Also: it feels good.

So, if you are an Earthling* how about spending some time connecting your body directly to the earth? We may be more inclined to do this in the summer, but it is just as important year-round (perhaps even more so in the darker winter months).

You can stand on wet grass. Walk at the water’s edge. Hug a tree. Place your palms on the earth… You can be as creative as you like in the ways that your body and the earth want to connect.

* If you are not an Earthling, but have in fact come from another planet or galaxy far , far away, welcome to our small blue planet. Please respect and enjoy. As a conscientious environmental tourist, please remember: take nothing but photographs; leave nothing but footprints.

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