Finding your roots

In the last post I talked about the importance of “gaining rootedness” at this time of seasonal change.

But what does gaining rootedness actually mean?

If you’ve been feeling ‘un-rooted’ or ‘un-grounded’ you might experience it as  feeling scattered, lacking energy, or feeling like you’ve lost your way somehow.

You might feel outside of yourself, looking in – rather than really feeling how it feels to be you from within.

When you feel ‘rooted’ you are more likely to go about your days feeling centred and calm.

How can you feel more rooted?

One way is to imagine you actually have roots that connect you to the earth. And that these roots give you both ‘connection’ to the earth and to yourself, plus can give you any nourishment you need at this time.

I’ve recorded an easy 5 minute guided meditation that talks you through how to do this. Just press play on the video, close your eyes, and relax…

Do you have any other ways that help you feel grounded and centred, rooted and calm?

Please share in the comments below…

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