Making space for you to connect with who you truly are and with what is important to you

It’s time to make space for you to connect

… with your Heart

…with your Soul

… with your Joy.


Life can feel pretty complicated and overwhelming at times. It can feel like there are just too many things, and too many people, needing your attention.

Somewhere in amongst it all is you. Except, sometimes, you don’t even know who you are any more.

You might feel like you want to press ‘pause’ on the movie of your life. Freeze the frame for a moment until you can get your bearings again. Until you can regain your sense of Self.


You know there used to be a playful, relaxed, and happy person inside of you. But that person has become a bit lost.


“The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed – to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is.”

Parker J. Palmer


Your self – your Soul Self – wants to be seen and heard, it wants to feel connected

Connected to the truth of who you actually are: a divine soul, experiencing life in a human body, in all its messy, emotional, colourful and unpredictable glory! A soul that, at its heart, is joyful.


‘Connecting’ doesn’t need to be complicated

It can be as easy as feeling the breaths enter and leave your body.

It can be as down-to-earth as spending time in nature, noticing the life and rhythms all around you.

Or it can be as simple as listening to a guided meditation, giving your logical, doing, mind a rest and allowing your creative and imaginative self to experience something deeper.


Joyful Nature is here to help you


Because, sometimes, it is hard to do the things we know will help us. But it is so much easier when there is someone else offering encouragement, guidance, inspiration, and belief in you.





Joyful Nature is a virtual ‘pause’ button

You can press it when you need some time out, time to recharge, or time to remember who you truly are.


What do you need right now…?

I want to learn more about connection… Watch the 2 minute movie

I want to experience what this feels like… Find out about the retreat


Illustrations: Fiona Taylor

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