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Over on Facebook we’ve set up a Joyful Nature ‘Noticing Nature Community’ Group.

Click here to join the group!


This is a community space to help us stay connected: with nature and with each other. Because, even though there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, two things that remain constant are (1) the feel-good feelings we get from noticing nature, and (2) knowing there are folks out there who love and care for us. It’s reciprocal: by being part of this community we also show that we care for nature and care for each other.


You are invited to share ‘3 good things’ that you notice in nature, every day if possible, but as often as feels good for you.

You can share regardless of whether you’ve had an indoors day or been able to get outside. You might notice things like birdsong through your open window, fluffy cloud formations, or new leaves appearing on the trees. Or perhaps share a bug sighting, the smell of rain, or how the moonlight snuck in your window. You are also welcome to share nature-themed poems, crafts, or other ways that you connect with nature.

Come and say ‘hi’ on Facebook and join our community – we’d love to see you there!

Please share the joy!
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