Making self-care more than a “once in a blue moon” thing

A “blue moon” happens when one calendar month has two full moons. This happens very infrequently – hence that well-known saying about rare events happening only “once in a blue moon”.

March 2018 gave us a full moon on the 1st and we will have another on the 31st. Meaning that the second full moon at the end of the month is a “blue moon”. (We’ll have to wait until 2020 for the next one.)

Why does this matter?

Well, honestly, the “blue moon” is something of an artificial construct. A full moon happens approximately every 29.5 days – that is nature at work. But arbitrarily deciding the number of days in a month (28-31 using our modern-day Gregorian calendar) which then collates two full moons into one calendar month – well, that’s definitely a man-made phenomenon.

What is important though, is recognising the health and happiness-giving things that happen in our lives “only once in a blue moon” and asking whether we would like any of those things to happen more frequently.

Nature is a valuable messenger, if only we take the time to notice…

This blue moon I invite you to ask yourself:

What can I do to care for myself more frequently? What would bring me more joy? What would give me greater connection to what truly matters to me?

The light of the full moon will help to illuminate the answers for you.

And then you can choose what to do with those answers.

For example:

Maybe you love to watch the sunrise but you rarely get to see it. How would it be to set your alarm or leave your curtains open so that you could wake with the dawn?

Maybe you go to the gym to exercise but you crave time in quieter, more natural locations, away from other people and loud music. How would it be to swop a gym session for a walk at the sea, or the woods, or a local park?

Maybe you keep meaning to meditate but find yourself too busy or too tired or just not in the mood. How would it be to gift yourself just five minutes to ground and centre yourself with an easy, guided meditation?

Maybe you are someone who keeps your favourite things “for best”. How would it be to wear that outfit, use that teapot, write with that pen?

Over in the Facebook group I’m inviting people to share their #morethanbluemoon self-care commitments.

Please come and join us…

photo credit: Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

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